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3 Reasons Why Health Is More Important Than Wealth



Good Health is what a person needs most in the world to achieve success, wealth and to live a long, fulfilling life.  Indeed the creation of riches are essential for comfort and stable productivity, but  it shouldn’t be  at the cost of your health. You need both! Only by focusing on good health will you be able to gather the necessary drive to achieve real affluence, gain an advantage over others and realise your biggest dreams.  Too many people focus on making money at the price of their wellbeing, and they end up without either.  Unless wealth and success are coupled with health they are useless.

Imagine you have everything you want to buy in your life, but you don’t have your health. You are ill every 3 weeks and have to make regular trips to see the doctor.  You can’t work efficiently any more or run around with your kids. You may feel this is an extreme scenario but the point is that if you are so focused on chasing after achievements, it will probably be at the cost of your health. Dreams of wealth and riches will become redundant.


Health is The Biggest Blessing in Life


Living a healthy lifestyle can be very difficult –  so many distractions to stop you from going to the gym, all those tempting sugary treats everywhere you go, endless possibilities to eat fast-food when you are tired or over-stretched.  It’s a life-changing decision to go healthy, but it will also be the most rewarding decision you will ever make: losing weight, gaining muscle,  being less out of breath, feeling less tired when waking up or even simply being happier throughout the day. All these benefits will very quickly outshine the difficulties of changing to a healthy diet and working out.  The whole process is now so much more enjoyable and easier to follow if you use a meal-prep delivery service.  Visit the best organic meal delivery service to get started on your journey.


You Need Good Health to Achieve Good Wealth


Once you get healthier through a better diet, good sleep and by working out you will have more energy to focus on your work. You will be more productive and make better decisions effortlessly. Your sharper mental acumen will help you to learn, analyze and think faster.  If you are quicker, more energised and make better decisions your work-life will flourish.  Apart from having a massive impact on your output, it will give you a head start towards that promotion. You will be able to go the extra distance and get ahead of the game, kickstart your career, or even more exciting – you may even get out of your rut and feel strong enough to brave getting started on the business of your dreams. Six years later you will be able to sell it for millions.… Good Health has a direct impact on wealth and success. If you don’t invest in it, then it will seriously slow you down. 


Health is the Most Profitable Investment 


As most people know, real riches are created through investment and smart use of money and time.  Wherever it may be – in stocks, in business, in real estate or in selling your own time in return for money.  But this all comes with risks;  the company you invest in going bankrupt, the economy crashing or just people not wanting your services anymore. However, never forget that the safest, most sure investment of all is in your health. You are sure to get a good return; time-wise as you will be more energetic, you will also live longer and will be able to achieve a lot more in a day as well as in your life.


Three Pillars to Upgrading Your Health


Finding the right diet for you

Different diets for different people! We all strive on contrasting diets (see my blog on the 3 reasons we all strive on different diets), which is why it is important to see a nutritionist in the first instance, to construct a tailored plan.  All set to achieve your goals you will feel good at the same time, without feeling overly-restricted. We at Champ streamline the procedure by providing in-house nutritionists for our customers.  Once the tailor-planned diet is created, we prepare, cook and send it straight to them. 


Getting enough sleep. 

Getting enough sleep is another crucial pillar  (read “Why We Sleep” by  Matthew Walker). People need between 7-9 hours of sleep. Few ever get it, due to busy, time-constrained, stressful lives. Champ can save you at least 7 hours a week usually spent cooking, waiting for food or shopping. This time could be better spent catching up on sleep, spending time with family or just having enough time to relax.


Exercise 3-5 times a week

Exercise is crucial too! Everyone knows that both cardio and weights are a great way to improve health, general well-being and self-worth. But the reality is that many struggle to find the time. What is more, the thought of hitting the gym after a long day at work is the last thing you want.  Being single-minded is essential A  tip is to avoid saying yes to everyone, to focus on yourself and use companies/services that can save you time such as a cleaner, etc… It will avoid you having those massive dips in motivation and create the path of least resistance.

3 Reasons Why Health Is More Important Than Wealth

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