Orson de Royer Dupre

Orson de Royer Dupre

3 Reasons Why You Need to Eat Organic

Is Organic food a fad or is it actually beneficial? For the last couple of years, organic has been heavily publicised as an essential step towards living a healthier life. Yet, only 20% actually eat solely organic produce. So, is it actually an important change to make in your diet or is it just a marketing stunt to charge higher prices with no added benefits. In this blog, I will outline the main reasons why I believe eating organic is essential and is something our planet, our communities and our society would benefit from. This is one of the reasons we wanted to create the first organic meal delivery.

  1. Health: When eating organic people eat food free from chemicals and fertilizers. When you don’t eat organic. The chemical products can have tremendous negative effects on your body affecting your nervous system, causing cancer and leading to many more problems. Organic also helps avoid eating irradiated food that leads to lowered nutritional values and who has a negative impact on your health. Finally, the fact that you won’t be eating GMO’s foods is also a big plus as this food once again can lead to real health problems and this is without taking in account the long term effects of eating these foods which are still unknown. As well as this nutrition-wise nothing beats a vegetable being grown in a natural environment like it has been for the past thousands of years.
  2. Environment: We are currently in the midst of a soil crisis, an apple from 100 years was 10 times more nutritious than now. This is due to our soils being overcropped leading to nutrient dead soil. Organic food is only grown in soil with a certain nutritional density and the farmers are always trying to improve that quality to improve the quality of their products. Organic farming also respects the environment and leaves more time for the soil to regenerate. In association with that, organic farming is a lot more supportive and friendly to wildlife. Many studies have shown the massive increase in bio-diversity(animals as well as plants) on organically farmed land. This is so important especially at the moment, where the planet is in a real need to be respected.  
  3. Economy: As well as all of this, eating organic can help your local community and economy. This is essential and good for you as well as you will be getting fresher food, who has been harvested later and therefore more nutritious. This also reduces the pollution as food transport is a big polluter and the more we can cut these air miles the bigger favour we are doing to our planet. 

To finish off with, this one is very often forgotten but organic produce sometimes doesn’t look so good but definitely tastes better. It’s natures creation and once you try it, I bet you won’t go back to your old ways. 

 All these reasons are why we take solely eating organic really seriously here at Champ and that all our meals are created from organic produce. As well as this,   All our suppliers are chosen with very thorough criteria so that we can give our clients the best health benefits, best-tasting produce but also try to support organic farmers and our local economy. 

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The best Organic meal delivery.

Our Suppliers: Eversfield Organic (meats), Evergreen Organic (Vegetables) & Wild Harbour (Fish)

3 Reasons Why You Need to Eat Organic

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