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3 Reason Why Everyone Strives on Different Diets



Today, you will find out why everyone strives on different diets. How many times have you tried a new diet to find out it didn’t work?

Some people eat junk food and look like Greek Gods. Others gain weight by looking at veggies. 

We are all unique. Here are 3 reasons why everyone strives on different diets. 


We Can’t All Digest the Same Foods


We have millions of different strains of bacteria living inside our guts. This is called the microbiome. 

Our microbiome is where our health starts and ends. If you keep your gut bacteria happy, they release serotonin to make you feel good, they reduce anxiety, regulate your weight and prevent illness. You can keep your gut happy by eating the right foods.

Certain species of bacteria are responsible for breaking certain foods. And if you lose these species, you lose the ability to break down these foods. Your microbiome is unique. No one has a microbiome like yours. 

This is why one person can thrive off milk, whilst another spends the night on the toilet. One person has bacteria that creates digestive enzymes to break down lactose. The other person does not.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The microbiome is a fascinating subject! Find out more…


We All Have Unique DNA and Our DNA is Expressed Differently…


The average human has 26,000 genes. This is your DNA.

Imagine having a piano with 26,000 keys. When you press a key, it will activate a gene. Every cell in your body will have different genes turned on at different times. This is called the epigenome. 

The epigenome is the reason why a lung cell behaves like a lung cell and a skin cell behaves like a skin cell. 

Everyone has unique DNA and this gives them unique genetic abilities.

Your sensitivity to lactose, gluten, caffeine and risk of disease can be found from DNA. 

A good book to read on the subject is Life Span by David A Sinclair.


We’re All at Different Stages of Life…


We all have unique circumstances, which requires us to live different lifestyles. For example, I have asthma and I take Ginkgo Bilopa to help it. Not everyone has asthma. 

Older people require more protein to help with age related muscle loss (sarcopenia).

If you don’t live in the sun, you need to supplement vitamin D3.

Weight, height, age, gender and hormonal balance. The list goes on. There are so many reasons why everyone strives on different diets.

To find out more, contact us.


Bonus reason


We all have different food preferences. Some people think that eating healthy is boring and tasteless. At Champ, we disagree. 

Book a consultation to find out how our meal delivery service can work for you. We are the only truly personalised meal prep service in the UK. Speak to one of our nutritionists to get your perfect diet. Find out more…




Self discovery is an important part of life. How does your gut react to certain foods? Did your ancestors eat a lot of specific foods? Everyone is different so it’s important to listen to your body and choose a diet that works for you.

If you would like to find out more about self discovery, please email our team.

3 Reason Why Everyone Strives on Different Diets

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