Organic Personalised Meal Prep

Champ serves only high quality organic food. Our produce is organic, our animals are raised outdoors on fresh pastures and our fish is wild. The quality of organic ingredients is superior, has a higher nutritional content and tastes extraordinary.

We are free from chemicals and use traditional cooking methods to retain and increase nutrition. Just like our ancestors, we believe in eating naturally. The way we have evolved to eat.

The problem is, we’ve all evolved in unique ways, which means we all have unique requirements. Since none of us are ‘average’, the ‘average’ diet works for almost no one. Champ is the first meal prep company in the UK to create highly specialised and personalised meals using high quality organic ingredients.

Speak to one of our certified nutritional therapists for a bespoke meal plan catered to your unique requirements. We cook, we deliver, you indulge. 

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